Visiting Mexico


La Manzanilla and the surrounding villages are cash-only.  Large stores in Manzanillo take credit cards.  It is suggested that you change money at the airport. There is a bank (Banamex) in Melaque. They can exchange money and they also have an ATM.  Banamex also has an ATM in Barra de Navidad at the plaza.

Cell Phones/Internet

Reception and service is unreliable.  Depending on your carrier and time of day, you may be able to send and receive calls. Inexpensive pay-as-you go cell phones are available in kiosks in larger cities in Mexico and are a good option. NOTE:  iPhone, Blackberry, and other PDA users, data roaming can be very expensive in Mexico you may want to turn off data roaming.  Internet cafés can be found in La Manzanilla, Melaque and Barra de Navidad.


La Manzanilla is in the tropics and has a large mangrove lagoon. Therefore, mosquitoes, no-see-ums (biting gnats), cockroaches, ants, scorpions, and other insects are a part of life.  Insect repellent is highly recommended. Wearing long sleeves and pants in the evenings, when mosquitoes are often active, is helpful.


Winter days are typically warm and rainless, peaking at 80-85° and dropping to 60-70° in the evenings. Summers are warmer with afternoon clouding and short, sometimes heavy rain (July-Sept).

Road Safety

Driving at night is not recommended due to livestock, unmarked sand piles, and pedestrians.  Watch for topes (speed bumps) at the edges of towns.

Safe Water & Food

It is recommended that you drink only bottled water and brush teeth using bottled water. Ice may be risky.  A water cooler is provided at Casa Carmen. Hot, cooked food is generally safe as are peeled fruits and vegetables.

Health & Safety

Prevention is the best remedy for illness!  Discuss your travel plans with your doctor.  Your doctor may recommend updating your diptheria-tetanus shots as well as hepatitis A and typhoid vaccinations.  Be sure to bring your sunscreen.  You don’t want to broil in the sun! We’ve seen a few scorpions at Casa Carmen so keep an eye out. Barefoot is not recommended due to the national pest.